Natural Choice Beef

Our beef is all natural, given no added hormones, corn fed, and is aged two to three weeks to ensure tenderness and flavor. FTF Natural Choice cattle have spent their entire lives on our farm and have consumed forage and grain that was raised here. We understand it is important to our customers to know where their beef originated, how it was fed, and that it was handled with care. We are confident in our beef when we serve it to our family and friends. We would like the opportunity to be your beef provider.

FTF Natural Choice Beef is available in whole, half, or split (one quarter).  If you would like to get your name on the list for the next available beef simply follow these three steps:
Step 1: Fill out order form and select quantity.
Step 2: Send deposit payment of $250.  We accept check, cash, or Venmo.
Step 3: Once we receive your deposit we will contact you for further instructions.


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Ben’s Breakfast Burgers

Fry your locally raised bacon (we always buy ours from kids showing at the fair) in a pan or on a cast iron griddle. While that’s cooking patty out your burgers. If you make them thin & plenty big around they cook faster (essential for hungry teenagers).

When the bacon is cooked, take it off of the griddle & place on paper towel on a paper plate. Now fry your burgers in the bacon grease. If there’s too much grease either wipe it out with a paper towel or pour in a jar to save for later. You don’t want too much grease, but enough to give the burger some flavor. Salt & pepper your patties and add a slice of American or cheddar cheese to the patties just before they’re almost done cooking.

When the burgers are cooked to your liking, remove from pan & set aside. Now fry eggs (2 eggs per burger) sunny side up, cook until the clear part turns white & the yellow part has skimmed over. If there’s burger grease on the griddle you can wipe it out with a paper towel & add that bacon grease that you saved earlier back in. When eggs are just about done, add a slice of colby jack or Swiss cheese.

Toast your burger buns on the griddle, if there’s not any grease left, you may want to butter (real butter) the buns first.

Now assemble your burger in this order: burger & cheese, eggs & cheese, and bacon on top.

Ben likes to serve these with pancakes on the side.

Heidi’s Awesome Steak Marinade

Mix equal parts: (about 1/4 cup)
- virgin olive oil
- red wine vinegar with garlic
- soy sauce
- Worcestershire sauce

Pour mix over steaks in a ziploc bag & place in a pan (in case it leaks).
Marinade for 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Don’t use too much soy sauce or marinade for more than 2 hrs because it will get too salty.
Perfect for steak on the grill or steak stir fry.

“Crack” Seasoning for Burgers
Contact Heidi for the best seasoning you will ever have, but beware, it’s addicting!

Madi Melts (easy & quick for starving teenagers and their friends)

Brown 1 or 2 pounds ground beef in skillet & sprinkle with salt & pepper. I usually do 2 lbs because our family is always busy and on the go. Whatever is left over I put in a ziploc bag (so the guys can find it) in the fridge and someone will re-heat it with BBQ sauce or eat it plain on toasted bread.

Butter (real butter only, don’t use the fake stuff) two slices of bread & put in pan over medium-low heat. Add cheddar cheese to one slice & mozzarella to the other slice. You can use whatever cheese you like, but it’s best if you have two different kinds. Add ground beef to each slice & brown your bread. Remove from heat & put the two slices together like a grilled cheese. Here’s the most important part: cut the sandwich cross ways to make two triangles, it tastes better this way!

Serve with Madi’s favorite, homemade pickles and homemade mac n cheese.


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